I read a HONY article last week, about a person who changes his diet to fruits and also alters his lifestyle to adopt regular sport and enough sleep. That person has strangely “cool” vibes that I really like.
Sometime ago I heard a podcast from Lebron James which basically preached the same thing: get yourself enough sleep and believe it or not, your life will improve in so many ways.

As for myself, to be a better and a healthier person becomes the core theme for 2022. In January, I started to do treadmills regularly, not like 3 times a week ‘regular’, but more like I’ll do it every time I have 30 minutes of time to spare ‘regular’. In April, I started to alter my regular lunch box, into a variety of fruit lunch box, yes I eat fruits for lunch, usually it consists of cutlets of four to five different fruits. These two “alterations” stay up to this date, first of November 2022.

I do feel much better, and my husband says (insist though..😄) that I look younger than my actual age. And I actually want to go further for 2023…

I shall choose to eat,read, and think good. Amen. 

Cheers, may you be able to look back to January 2022 with relief and gratitude,

Karin Sabrina

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