As any human being, I too have many facets within myself. On the big spectrum, I see myself as an introvert who loves to socialize, I don’t mind being surrounded by people, old and new acquaintances, I love to interact with them, observe the myriad of things they do, but I definitely need a period of time to be alone and busy with my own mind (yes, like ..mm..now).

But there is a particular facet of me that I really like, the writer one. I think “the writer” in me is the most wise of all, she has this rare certainty that all is well. Probably that’s why whenever I could push myself to write, I automatically sense that all is indeed well. There are things that take some time to arrive/to show its true color, to be conveyed, to be known and understood.

So am I a writer? Hmm… I prefer to say I’m an artist who luckily has a writer within myself. By saying and reminding myself that I am an artist, I hope I could carve my daily life exactly around that description. An artist who loves to write, an artist who tries to balance work and family schedules, an artist who is hopefully able to see all the beauty in everything.

Cheers, may you find the bright light within yourself, 

Karin Sabrina

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