The news

Currently, I am on a strictest diet toward my news feed. It dawned on me that the news will continuously stream everything bad, everyone bad (it’s the core DNA of news, local or international, they zoom the bad apples only, bad news is good news). And all of this bad vibes comes directly into my mind. I can’t simply dust it off.. it will shape my way to see the world. I know the world is not all silky and beautiful, yes it can be ruthless… but the world also offers us so many fascinating things. Beside, living in fear is really not my favorite way to live my life.

  • I quit reading news daily, I read book instead
  • I hold myself from clicking the news feed about whoever artist makes whatever at wherever, even though I do gasps to see Heidi Klum as a worm. 😅
  • I don’t read free news anymore. My attention is way too limited and too precious to be spent on free news.
  • When I am tempted and read the unbelievable story of such and such.. I tapped my own shoulder and said, it’s okay to make one wrong move, now close that tab! 😆😆😆
Cheers, may you be at peace, and safe, happy and grateful. 

Karin Sabrina

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