The surprising success of equal-weighting schemes has an important practical implication: it is possible to develop useful algorithm without any prior statistical research. Simple equally weighted formulas based on existing statistics or on common sense are often very good predictor of significant outcome. In a memorable example, Dawes showed that marital stability is well predicted … Continue reading Statistics


Guru means teacher in Bahasa Indonesia. Yes, we can found teachers everywhere at any time although we may not able to always understand the lessons. Understanding takes times... And often.. a very long time..I was 35 years old when I finally understand that only very few people will be genuinely happy for your success, it … Continue reading Guru


I am creating space in my head, in my heart and in my life to invite some new opportunities and exciting possibilities to emerge. What's working? Regular work out definitely need a huge commitment to clearing up some space. What's not? Too much great plan to make self improvement is not going to work for … Continue reading Space