A letter

Dear Ms. Bitter, 
I am deeply concerned about your rude attitude at the office. I don't think you realize that your incivility is actually shining a bright light upon your extremely insecure inner self.
It seems that you have a very bitter, harsh life, I can be wrong for sure, since I do not have adequate competence to examine your mental health.

You're a bully, and I do heard some stories on how badly you've been bullied a couple of decades ago. Sadly, You choose to continue, to pass on the bitter heartbroken to others. You are bullying your subordinate, you are bullying your friends, and I think there's a very slim chance of you being in a good relationship with your family's members.

You've been trying to bully me since I was still a new employee in that office, but I never think seriously about you and your attitude. But, this week, you tried to grab my phone just because you wanted to see an application on my phone, how rude...,how unethical..., I was in shock, and yes I was very angry.

Fyi, I am now perfectly fine and I can see clearly now the actual event. You're jealous with my life, I have the life that you want so bad but will never get. You're jealous with me, I have no idea how you could arrive to that point but yes, you're jealous with me.

So, I wish one day you could see all the good things within yourself, I hope you may live comfortably in your own skin and have an adequate confidence level so you don't have the need to put others down just to make yourself feel higher. In the meantime, I will keep a very significant distance from you, your bitterness has immense power to spoil the day and ruin my good mood.


Karin Sabrina

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