The theme for my meditation class for today is the circle of love. It is said that we should not expect anything in return when we give love, we don’t go: I’ll scratch your back, then you’ll scratch my back.

But the guru only mention this act of unconditional love toward others, selfless love – that is. Give others your all, and not thinking about what we will get for ourselves.

I love the idea of not expecting anything in return for the act of love, but I do a big believer that we should put ourselves first to be loved. The idea of self love is still somehow “alien”, self-love is not a selfishness, we can only give to others when we are full ourselves. We can’t give anything lovely when we’re empty.

So yes, love unconditionally, toward yourself first, and only then you could spread love toward the world. Do not expect anything, just love.

Love and cheers,

Karin Sabrina

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