The church

The most vivid memory about the church for me is related to my divorce. When my divorce process was finalized by the district court, not a single person of that church said anything about the divorce. I was having my own version of Bruno-from-Encanto moment; No.. no, We don’t talk about brunooo… Or in my case “divorce”…

And as if their indifference didn’t hurt me enough, they sided with my ex husband, the reverend provided my ex husband with unlimited time to talk, but not a single minute for asking me whether I need help. I was the culprit because I am the one who filed the divorce to the court. I was leaving an abusive household, and even after the divorce settlement, my ex did not give up and tried many ways to abuse me every time he got a chance.

One important day, December 24th 2018, this abusive ex spouse came to that church, he was coming in the middle of Christmas night service and started to yell at me, I wasn’t prepared for that (who would?) And then he slapped me. Yes… In the middle of the whole congregation.

Two months after the slapping, the reverend of that church send me a long messages via WhatsApp about… I forgot already, but I remembered he said that I should come to the church to give an explanation about the commotion at that Christmas night. I was fumed. And up to this day I can’t process that event. I was attending a church service, then I was slapped in front of public, not even one person offer a safe place at that time, then after two months, I was expected to come and provide explanation. .. Of what?

In the front part of that church next to the pulpit … There’s a huge bible verse carvings, it says:

Matthew 11:28 (KJV) Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Today I know that I need not come to church with my heavy laden, I am able to come to Him through the silence, the tears, and the whispering of gratitude. For in it’s essence, all is indeed well.

Cheers, may you also can find peace, 

Karin Sabrina

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