First, I don’t personally like the Kardashians, I never watch their reality show, I am very rarely watch any tv show for that matter. I don’t have any Instagram account, in short: I never have any interest toward them.

But then, I’ve seen the news about Kim Kardashian who must go to court to be legally single while still in a lengthy divorce process and must face a very hypocrite ex-husband who is clearly think he can play god whenever and to whoever he likes. At this point I could relate with her since my self also must deal with a very bitter and lengthy divorce process.

When I left my toxic marriage, and went to court, I have no clue whatsoever that it would be such a painful dark chapter in my life. As if the marriage wasn’t painful enough, my ex is continuously harassing me. He continuously creates demeaning narrative to embarrass me – no dear… It’s not a typo- I am intentionally write it in present tense since up to this day, he is actually still do the same rotten thing toward me – I’m in a good place now, I am happily married with a great man -. But to my astonishment, to the current moment, my ex still texts my mother, cursing her, he also texts my husband and say a lot of mean things.

Should I report him to the police? Well probably, but I am not willing to spend a minute of my precious life for that scumbag anymore. Will he ever stop to harass me? I have no idea. So how do I feel toward this disgusting situation? Hmm… I feel I am bigger than this. I fear no one now.

If Kim Kardashian could not escape this, what chance do normal woman have in this situation?

Trevor Noah

I’m a normal woman, and I can answer that based on my experience, there’s no escape, I have to face it. And yes, after some time, things will get better; at this point of time I now can say I don’t give a shit about whatever he said about me. It’s clear that I’m by far happier and living my best life now.

Cheers, love wins big, always.

Karin Sabrina

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