What is your favorite type of weather? I fell in love with rain decades ago... I don't really remember how this love started in the first place. I genuinely think rain is beautiful, wise, romantic and like the french, I think rain is a she ☺️. She beautifies everything, she washes up the dryness of … Continue reading Rain


Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow (by anyone.. I mean ourselves).. Today, I know another benefit to write regularly about yourself, so when you face a problem and you feel that you're taking too much time to settle that problem, the progress is probably too minuscule to be noticed, that … Continue reading slow


What are three objects you couldn't live without? I asked my husband this question and he answered: You; he referred to me Clothes Mobile phone So, that's how random his way of thinking is. Weird? Well of course! He must be weird, he is my husband! πŸ˜‚ Stay weird, Karin Sabrina


What experiences in life helped you grow the most? My failed marriage and the bitter lengthy divorce process that follows. I lost so much bullshit I acquired in my youth regarding a perfect woman/ wife/ family/ life/ children/ skin/ and a whole lot more... I feel I have grown a lot from that point. Experiencing … Continue reading Learning