I dread the work out time… Really… And obviously I procrastinate a lot when it comes to do the treadmill. More than often I fail to keep a daily routine for working out.

So, since I my self started to feel bore about my own laziness, nothing new about that anyway, I create a device to overcome my procrastinating habit. I call it 10 minutes rules. Everytime I start to procrastinate to do treadmill, I will say to my self, I am going to do this for ten minutes only, in terms of a music playlist, it only takes 3 to 4 songs ( average song usually has 3 minutes in duration) to complete that 10 minutes duration. A song to warming up, one song to actually jog, and one or two songs for cooling down. That’s the ten minutes rule.

I don’t actually time my Working out session, just make a mental note that I’m going to do this for ten minutes only. This make me wear the running shoes and start to work out, I usually end up to do more than 10 minutes, my average treadmill session is 30-35 minutes. As the old saying goes, the starting point is always the hardest.

Ow, It works for me for a week now, so Hopefully this 10 minutes rule could have lasting impact on my undeterred laziness and procrastinating habit. When I say lasting, I mean like forevah . Amen.

Prost, may you be happy and healthy.

Karin Sabrina

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