Albeit the bitter world or hateful person I must face in flesh from time to time, I’m grateful for I still have a safe home. I am blessed with a place so full with love and care, and being surrounded with all my favorite humans every single day is really a simple yet beautiful life for me.

I keep on reminding my self and also to you my lovely readers, an awful-ill mannered- hateful person is only mirroring her personal life, it’s nothing to do with us. I’ve read somewhere : a person who gave you nothing but a poisonous snake probably has nothing else to offer.

By remembering I am loved, I am blessed beyond measures, I am lucky, I am given so many reason to smile in this life, I have no reason to keep my anger toward those hateful person with all of her poisonous words. It may not always work smoothly, as my anger is huge and persistent, but … Let the photo above will always remind me about the series of sweet beautiful things I have on a daily basis.

Cheers, may you be loved, 

Karin Sabrina

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