Do you know what it feels to be free from one massive debt? To be honest… I feel stronger 💪. If I could beat this debt then there’s nothing I couldn’t do.

This is the debt I’ve been carrying for 4 years, I even named it, I called it: Voldemort. I’ve tried to kill it several time but to no success. So to be free from this Voldemort at this year commencement is really boosted my confidence.

Well then, are you totally free from debt now? Oh no… Not yet. But I’m heading there. I know now what’s work for me, what’s not, in term of slaying down the debt.

If you are also in the middle of long struggle to release your self from debt, I send you a great positive vibes from here. Hang in there, those debts will be settled, you will be good. A long string of financial lessons on debt crises surely will help you to make a good reasonable financial decisions henceforth.

Cheers, may you be prosperous and healthy and happy and safe and loved .

Karin Sabrina

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