Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow (by anyone.. I mean ourselves)..

Today, I know another benefit to write regularly about yourself, so when you face a problem and you feel that you're taking too much time to settle that problem, the progress is probably too minuscule to be noticed, that my dear is the most perfect time to re-read your own writings in the past. I did just that, I re- read one of my note, entitled unhurried, posted on 27th May 2022. The note seems so gently remind me that in one particular time, last year, the most wise person in my head said, I am evolving in this life, I am not revolting. I should be able to give time to my self. And that is okay. 
  • It is okay to take longer time to sip your lemon green tea.
  • It is more than okay to take longer time to fight your massive debt, you want the dementors, yes darling, debts are dementors, they suck life wherever they are, surely you want them to perish as soon as possible, but it takes time. And sometimes that’s all we got, time; not the money to pay the debt, but please believe me, it’s also great to have time.
  • It is absolutely okay to take longer time to read a book.
  • It is definitely okay to leave a whats-app group that you feel that you’re not belong to. By doing that, you will have more time for yourself. I read somewhere that the most effective way to give ourselves is to clear up distractions.
  • It is okay to climb the career ladder slower than your 10 years younger colleague. I am old fashioned, I believe whatever that is ours will be ours, and whatever that is not, will never be.
Cheers, Unhurried life is not a sluggish life, it is a way to be more presence in your own life,

Karin Sabrina 



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