I’m thinking a lot about perspective lately; particularly the way I’m seeing life. A few things happened this month. A close relative has been diagnosed with the big C, and at the time it was found, the Big C is already way too strong and complicated to be treated. Now I feel that to have a balance diet, regular work out, and regular medical check up are not negotiable. It is so often happened that even a cancer can be cured if it is treated at early stage.

A good friend is finalizing her divorce in the court, and she seems too eager to jump into another marriage soon, to which I said, why the rush? Don’t you still badly broken by this divorce? She replied: I know this time is going to be different. I myself had a lengthy bitter divorce process and it took me a long time to convince my self to re-marry. Why can’t we reverse the process? we made the marriage be ultimately difficult, so people will rethink and rethink if they really want the marriage or not, and then we could make the divorce process be so simple, such as: A: I dont think we are still on the same page, I want a divorce; B: ow okay. Done.

Lately there are news about people with high profile conduct an act against the law because ..well they can. No more no less. I’m putting my perspective-glasses and I’m grateful I have a commoners problem, nothing too difficult to handled.

Cheers,put on perspective,

Karin Sabrina

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