I am grateful because I am in the early forties phase. It is a great phase to be at, not to mention I am lucky to be here in a healthy state.

In this phase, I notice that:
I don’t easily blame myself for everything (yes, prolong that with dramatical tone). Life is not a balance sheet of right doings and wrong doings, I prefer to see Life as a lifetime learning, some lessons are easier, while some others are hard to learn.

Now is also the phase where I am starting to appreciate my body, to take good care of my body, not comparing it to any models on the magazines’ covers. And this is the time where I feel really comfortable with my “style”, yes I’m wearing boots to the office.

No one…. Really… No one ever told me that to be in the mature age will be so much fun. I care less about people’s opinions about me, I have a great job .. etc…

I can't wait to be at 100 years young. 

Karin Sabrina

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