Things that I learn from my very first 10k Run:

  1. To stay calm amid unexpected things or situation. It was raining hard the night before the marathon day, and it was still raining in the morning, and the running event is held within the area of an oil palm plantation, so the running track is wet soil a.k.a muddy slippery track.
  2. Appreciate the long journey of learning and adapting. Since this is my very first run event, I was literally at awe seeing those who already become a “runner”. Their body, man and woman, is ripped, full of muscles and you could feel their strength just by looking at them. I understand they have came a long way in this running journey and I should not compared my self to them. They can beat one km in a minute, I can beat one km in a 10 minutes time, and that’s great too.
  3. Patience. To fully appreciate the wonderful body that you have, you need patience. To be able to walk through all the muddy running track, and keep going all the way to the finish line, you need patience.
  4. Focus. When you run for more than an hour, you need to gather all the strength you have to focus on your self, your step and the distant finish line.
  5. Celebrate your self. To reach a finish line of a slippery and muddy 10k running track without any injuries and with the shoes still intact to your feet is no small feat. Congratulations!
Enjoy the journey, cheers,

Karin Sabrina

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