No dye

We were at the front of the Regent office of Toba Regency

Take a look at our hair, our flocks are full with silvery hair. I love it! The more it shows, I feel more confident with my own skin (and hair..). Not so many women feel comfortable with their own self, especially nowadays, where the beauty standards have become so absurd and dangerous and too “Kardashian”.

It may sound weird, but to feel okay to present yourself without the need to dye the hair, is actually a really sweet revolution. Our community may ask us to dye our hair for… Well… I’m not sure… Maybe to keep everyone calm, probably because the majority of us indeed dutifully dye their hair once in every two weeks; including my own mother ( going strong in her sweet seventies).

Please note that I have nothing against people who dye their hair, if that works for you or even helps you feel better, then do it. I want to say that it’s also okay for those people who like me, who do not dye their hair for any kind of reasons. I feel better like this, this hair also reminds me that I need to take good care of myself.

May you be happy with your hair,

Karin Sabrina

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