Here we are at the verge of year 2021, and for me it’s a great time to do some personal reflection of this year.

2021, for me c’est un temps en rose. I tied the knot with the love of my life at the beginning of this year, in a small, private, beautiful wedding ceremony, attended by all of our close family members, and friends.

Around mid year, I started to write everyday in this blog, today it’s the 224th day, the longest streak I’ve ever done and I hope I could manage to keep the chain intact. This writing habit helps me a lot to ease my monkey mind, channeling my emotions – whenever I feel low or sad or angry, there’s a voice in my head that says – I’m going to write about this later ( and soon after I feel relieved 😌).

This year also, I am regularly doing the treadmill, not as regular as 3 times a week (yet) but compared to my work out timeline in 2020, I have improve a lot this year. And all those sweaty moments is starting to feel noticeable, my weight is under control, I don’t feel tired all the time, I sleep better and of course I look better (or at the very least I like to see me now).

Regarding the financial matter, hmm… This one is tricky, in some point I do feel there’s a lot of improvement, Such as my financial record is now updated daily, I also have a meticulous and thorough record regarding all transactions by credit cards, so now I know where is my actual position and what direction should I go. But there are also some important matter that need to be addressed more seriously, such as how to handling the debt so it could perish as soon as possible.

What about the disappoinments? Hemm… well yes, of course there are few of them, but as Frank Sinatra said, too few to mention. 2021, It’s really a beautiful year for me, I am blessed, grateful and I believe the year to come will bring new experiences and full of unthinkable blessings for me and my favorite humans.

Cheers 🥂, may you be at peace at this time of year, may you be loved. 

Karin Sabrina

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