It’s funny how much I love you despite you’re really annoyed me sometimes. The last thing I would do when I feel annoyed by you is to think about us, but here I am now, writing, looking at our smiley pic, listening to Dua Lipa, covering Mme. Etta James, I’d rather go blind in repeat mode.

I probably .. no.. I am sure I’m blinded by this humongous love for you. I care about you a lot, so much, but there are days when I really don’t know what to do, my head says different things with my heart, and guess what honey, the gap is huge in their difference.

But that's the most interesting part about intimate human relationship right? The complexity yet captivating intricacies, it's fragility yet It is also durable, this ever- evolving lace-like pattern. 
Cheers, 🥂 may you always be at peace. 

Karin Sabrina

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