A proposal

Dear -put your name here-,
You deserve a safe place, to be yourself, or if your authentic self is not yet revealed, then... You deserve a safe place to find who you really are.

You deserve a quiet time to sit and gently talk to yourself. You don't have to burden yourself anymore with everything that goes "wrong" in your life. The thing that happens, happens.

You deserve to be appreciated, to be cared for by a close-knit community that you can call your people.

You deserve time to do your preferred form of art.

Whenever you remember your mistakes, any wrong-doings, big or small, remember that you need to make them, it's part of life. We never ask whether puberty is right or wrong.... Puberty is needed, it's a transition process, just like learning. Yes, the learning process is happening all the time.

Be kind to yourself,

Thus I convey this proposal, your attention and cooperation will be much appreciated.

Best regards,

Karin Sabrina

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