I never got the reason why in 2023, it’s still so hard to accept that women have a variety of body shapes and fyi. women indeed get older. So, it’s very normal that some women are skinny, while others are curvier, and so much who has in between body shapes; and it’s also very human to get wrinkles and grey hair.

Last week I went to a gym, and the first question the coach asked me was: so, how much weight do you want to lose? And the second question was: why don’t I color my greying hair?

This is how I look, yes I like myself very much

I am going to the gym mainly because it’s a free facility from my office, secondly because I want to use the myriad of gym machines which are not available at the comfort of my home with hope that using these machines can make me stronger too. I actually really like my body shape, I feel good under my skin thank you and believe it or not I like my greying hair, grey is also a color right?


Karin Sabrina

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