Some time ago I saw Viola Davis in an interview and she said that for the “Woman King” movie she did a 10.00 treadmill every day, at age of 56 years young. I suppose if she can do that, then I might be able to do just that.

For me, the treadmill has became my solace. The treadmill makes me forget my weary financial state, my bitter past, and to my surprise, my monkey mind is even way calmer every time I run. I try my best to make time for the treadmill and up to this date my best time is 5 kilometers in 35 minutes, with treadmill speed at 8.00 ( yes, not as amazing as viola Davis I know, but I’m still proud of myself). Almost 3 years ago, I couldn’t even run for one kilometer without any pause, then, after running, my feet hurt, my thigh pained, as well as my hip, my knee, my ankle.. all felt painful.

No, I’m not that kind of person who will say, no matter what, just keep going…. I have no idea what struggles that you’re having now my dearest reader.. but I hope you will find a solace for your weary soul. Each of us may have one or two or countless problems so all of us need one… Just one solace to offer us comfort and consolation in the midst of distress and sadness

May you be at peace, 
Karin Sabrina

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