Dear neighbor, 
I have no idea how hard it is for you to be you...
Your new baby is just born on last December..his eldest sister is only 2 years young.
You just move in to this neighborhood a year ago, with a husband and a small tiny girl, you rarely get out of that house, almost never speak to your neighbor.
Once in a while I see your relatives check upon your condition...and they probably don't have a heart to tell you what we all see.
You're stuck with an abusive household.

Once, I heard it my self, he called you fat like a pig, while you're heavily pregnant and he, himself is no less than an obese king Kong - and he was definitely not pregnant at that time.

Almost every day I heard your fights, and you know what, every time my heart sank. The world is so grim sometimes....

Warm embrace, May you find the light,

Karin Sabrina

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