Self talk

So this is me talk to my self and I:   
I heard that you're finally come to a point where you're have paid 75% of your total debt. 25% to go! yeeaaayyy! Congrats!!.. you've managed crawling out from a deep debt, the end of the tunnel is clearly seen now, the light is really bright. You should pat your chest proudly and have a feast on yourself. After the celebration, we need to sit and have and a bit of a serious talk.
Ow, so you're had the celebration done? nice.. Ok, now listen to me carefully. I need to make sure that starting from now on and forth, you will stay clear of a deep, impossible to manage, huge interest debt. Do not ever forget the pain of this debt. If you forget the pain, you'll lose the lesson.

First, keep going with the daily expense record, make notes on every purchase you do, especially those with installments on your credit cards.
Second, you still have debt(s) to work on. Do not forget that, ever. the 25% part could grow into a 1000% in a blink!
Third, I have enough - repeat the mantra as necessary, you can start from the minimum frequency of 100 times a day.
Fourth, Be gentle with yourself, you've come a long way to get to this point.
Fifth, remember the fourth step.

Cheers, Love thy self,

Karin Sabrina

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