The law

The debt will be reduced to zero soonThe unnecessary legal process will be settled soon, in my favorI am better in managing the moneyI am better in mastering the art of gratitudeMy french will be impressiveSelf love is not an egoistic thingI'll write at least two scientific papers this year Amen, Karin Sabrina


Trading is not the same as investing. Trading includes a lot of fear, lack, and scarcity thinking. Traders aim to buy low and sell high in the quickest turnaround time possible, always fearful of potential outcomes and always needing to incessantly monitor the status of things and micromanage results. However, Investing includes a lot of … Continue reading Trading


Finance is not about numbers nearly as much as it is about behavior Keuangan bukan tentang angka, tetapi tentang perilaku Karena belakangan banyak berita tentang korban penipuan investasi bodong, saya yang masih punya banyak banget utang ini ingin mengingatkan diri sendiri tentang kebebasan finansial. Sesorang yang telah memiliki kebebasan finansial secara sederhana diartikan sebagai orang … Continue reading kebebasan