This weekend is one of those ordinary, quiet and calm weekends. I make times to work out, to read one or two hundred pages of a newly bought book, to sit and chat with my favorite humans.

I suggest we celebrate more and proud of these calm ordinary days. The great and exciting holidays are great and exciting because we are not doing it every single weekend. To me, these simple and seemingly bland weekends are beautiful too since I don’t experience this every weekend. Some Saturdays and Sundays I was just too full of the workload from the office, some other time, I was just too busy with the house chores plus the laundry etc.

Please note that I have nothing against those who spend their weekends by going to the malls or to the beach or to whatever place, I am happy for them, and I am also happy for my ordinary weekends.

Cheers, may your weekends full with peace and joy 

Karin Sabrina

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