For the longest time in my life ; school years, college years, early adulthood, I’ve never felt I found a place where I feel I belong, a place where I feel safe and welcomed and appreciated for just being me. And of course I wanted to be a part of that unwelcome social circles, I didn’t know better things to do. I even kept blaming my self for feeling “unfit”, I thought it was all my fault, all other people could be so easily mingled, why can’t I? There’s must something wrong with me.

Now I know that every one, not just me, has their own demons to face every single day. I start to understand that those unbelievably difficult bitter person are usually those who has the most complicated life, but ‘ knowing ‘ of course is a different story with ‘accepting’ and ‘forgiving’.

I am accepting and forgiving my self now, it’s a practice I strive to do daily, as for those who has impacted my life bitterly, I just want to stay away from them. They are not belong to my life, and I will keep it that way.

Cheers, may we all can learn to forgive ourselves. 

Karin Sabrina

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