I’m 50++ days streak on Duolingo! I’m so proud of my self 😌. I mainly learn french and german, but I sometimes took Italian and dutch and even japanese.

Why languages? Well for me… This device of communication of human ist sehr wunderbar 😁. The sounds of foreign language is really like a beautiful song for my ears. Does it bother me to hear/ to read a sentence of foreign language that I don’t know? No… Not at all… Whenever I see a new word, I just try to guess the meaning.. if it’s wrong, I’m fine, my life goes on, my problems still here, I’m breathing good, trust me: the risk that comes with a trial and error method in learning foreign language is extremely minimum. I am not an interpreter for a VVIP meeting in UNITED NATIONS head quarter, so making a mistake is absolutely ok and necessary even.

Please consider to learn a new language, I read somewhere, it’s good to keep our mind healthy and young.

Cheers, have a healthy learning, wherever you are.

Karin Sabrina

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