An Artist

See how stern I’m looking at you? That’s because I truly recommend my lovely readers to do a form of art of your choice

Some 200 something days ago, I choose to write in this blog everyday.. and I love how this daily writing become a very personal time capsule for me. I don’t always literally post a personal memoir of how my day was, but every post is showing a particular color of that day. Whenever I re-read this blog, I feel I really like me 😁, and it’s important to really like your self. Am I a good writer? Well nope. I am every day writer, because I write everyday and for me, that’s close enough to good.

Since when do we have to be good first to do art? It’s actually the other way around, if you’re keep doing that one art, then you’ll be better.

Nowadays, Everytime I feel some strong emotion, I can say to my self, I’ll channeling this on the blog. Sometimes I really do the channeling moments, but other times, I am completely writing something else. I believe emotions are like weathers, they changing fast, and if a particular bad weather last a bit longer than I expected, at least I can pour all my heart out on the blog.

Cheers, 🥂 may you found that passionate artist within you,

Karin Sabrina

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