Money is not everything. Make sure you earn a lot before speaking such  nonsense." -WARREN BUFFETT [960*954] : r/QuotesPorn
Uang bukanlah segalanya. (Tetapi) Pastikan anda punya banyak uang sebelum bicara omong kosong seperti itu. _Warren Buffet_

There’s a video clip that I saw some time ago, several people were given a breakfast plate usually eaten by a famous person, and they should guess who’s eating what. Chrissy Teigen eats a platter of avocado, bacon and toast; Jennifer Lawrence eats pizza for breakfast; and Mr. Warren Buffett eats two burger patties, minus the bread and a can of soda.

So my conclusion is that Mr.Buffet doesn’t care a bit about his blood sugar levels, and of course he can eat whatever breakfast he wants, he is Warren Buffett.

Cheers, 🥂 may your pocket be full and your breakfast is jolly and healthy ☺️,

Karin Sabrina

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