A few years ago, I started to leave the concept of right decision or wrong decision; from that point, I believe that every decision I made brings me to a new place with a whole new set of chance and challenge. The impact of this decision is huge, it rarely takes a long time for me to set my mind on one particular decision. Yes, sure sometimes those are actually not the best decisions to make, but hey, at least, now I know why it wasn’t a good decision.

As I’m writing this note, I started to think about some vivid example of my “not best decision – list” , but well, there are too many of them, I cannot decide which bad decision to be written here πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.

But the point of this note is not about to put regret on the long strings of mistakes, but to be a gentle reminder that there’s no one correct way to live a fulfilling life. From my own experiences, those bad decisions eventually brought me to the most interesting points in my life.

Cheers, may you always find the courage to made a decision, big or small, hard or easy, bear in mind that every decision you make, is either a good decision or a starting point toward something better. 

Karin Sabrina

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