No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it. - MagicalQuote

We cannot escape from the hardships that life throw at us, and I even think that we should never think about an escape when it comes to difficulties in life: Relational issues, financial difficulties, health problems, etc… I genuinely believe that all of this affliction is the only sure way for our growth. In James LeBron words:

Embrace the Adversity, Avoid the Negativity

Adversity is different from Negativity. We can’t expect our life is in constant good to great days, we will face difficulties in many forms, and yes, we should welcome them all, knowing that they will teach you something ( sure, easier said/write than done – exactly! That’s why I write. Cheers :D)

In the other hand, negativity is something that I think we need to avoid at all cost. Primarily the negative thoughts that easily pops up from our mind. To ease the mind, it’s not enough to think positive once in a while… I, myself, need to remind my self to think good about my self, often.

I am a good enough mother, I am a good enough wife, I am a good enough employee, I am good enough for this world.

Cheers, may you too able to cultivate good thoughts oftentimes in each day. 

Karin Sabrina

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