I realize the struggle to be content with life. The pressure to be more, better, bigger, louder, and in many instances lively-er ( I am not even sure what it’s supposed to mean) is very real, moment to moment, by any media available nowadays; digital, prints, banner, movie, songs etc.

I, more than often think, if I were wiser, if a couple mistakes ago, I did not messed up too much, and a long string of other “if”.. my situation today will be much better, my life is happier and so on. I know better, I know that group of what if will never cease in my mind nor they will bring something good into my life, but still… Here I am…

To be content with life must be done on purpose, it will not happen automatically and it has no requirements. I can’t say, I will be content when my salary is better, my life will be better if I can buy a new car; that’s not how it works. I need to say: I am content with my life, I am honoring all things that life brings upon me.

Cheers, may you be content and happy. 

Karin Sabrina

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