For me, it’s the complete opposite. I set the goal so low, up to the point I lost any eligible reason to not accomplish that small goal. And yes, as happens to many, the journey to reach a goal that we set even though the goal is really low, it will still fully decorated wits its episode of ups and downs. As an example, I am currently in this journey to my version of Financial Independence. The ultimate goal is ..well… Financial Independent a.k.a freedom from debt and have a healthy financial state (expenses < actual income) and have an adequate emergency fund, in case of ..emergency.

The Financial Independent is the goal that I am hoping to reach within five years from now, and as I said earlier, setting a goal waaay high, is really not applicable for me. I judged my self relentlessly whenever I fail on meeting up my high goal, and sadly, it happens all the time. Just recently, I pull up a different strategy, I now accept that I feel happy whenever I am able to accomplish something, micro-thing, minuscule-thing; And I feel miserable whenever I fail even if the project is solely mine and not single soul on earth know about this failure, I still feel miserably and put a shoulda- woulda- coulda- mode ‘ON’. I accept my highs and my lows, I believe that acceptance is a very crucial step in every journey.

Then, I actually start creating this daily tiny goal, I make sure that it’s impossible to not accomplish them. For example, one of my goal is to create a savings from my supposedly parking ticket money, it is about IDR 12.000,- per day. I don’t always drive to work, and the amount of IDR 12.000,- is really tiny, it’s not hard to pull out such a small amount from my wallet. The downside of this tiny savings is that it can be a hassle to put small amount into the savings account in a consistent manner, and that’s where I feel so much bliss to live in such advance technology era, I put an automate mode toward this small savings. So Twice a week, these “parking fee” will automatically enter my savings account. All I have to do is .. practically nothing, other than to wait and see this small savings grows into a ‘hopefuly’ Big Friendly Giant savings. Amen

Cheers, I hope you too able to find small winnings every single day.   

Karin Sabrina

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