You can’t control someone else’s behavior but you don’t want to be provoked by someone’s ill-mannered attitude. So what do you do?

That is my question today. How do you deal with a constantly/permanently rude person? In our vast social circle we usually have this ill-mannered people, either in the office or in our family or within our extended friends.

I did my homework, I googled it exactly with that exact question, how do you deal with rude person? None of the links gave me an exact specific things to do, so I guess I am going to make the list by my self.

  1. Be kind to the unkind, they need it the most. Haha… Not me. I’ll be kind to those who deserves it. These unkind human obviously have a bitter life or worse they don’t have a life, that’s why they like to start drama in every body else life.
  2. Ignore or give them a minimum response, minimum as in one sentence of 5 words minimum. Got me? They want to ruin your happy life with their sad pathetic boring stories. Do not grant them a lengthy response.
  3. Whenever a person continuously rude to you, they are actually jealous with your life. So from now and then, every time I slipped and say… I wish my life is better than this, I should stop, and remember there’s some people who really want to have the life that I have.
  4. Rude person should always see me happy and joyous. My happiness annoys them the best.
  5. Do not believe whatever they wish to show you, these ill-mannered people are living a lie, they eagerly wants to show you that they are much better than they actually are. Do not buy it. You may take a look at them, have pity on them -silently, but then, 10 seconds max, you must go on with your own life.

There, 5 specific steps to face a rude person. Don’t you wish they can change their manners? // Me? No… I don’t wish them anything. I just want them to be as far as possible from me.

Cheers,stay away from rude person, rudeness is contagious.

Karin Sabrina

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