I am having lots of questions today.

  1. When an online shop seller said that her goods are original, while it’s not. Her prices is waaay cheaper from the goods displayed on the brand’s store, is simply because what she sells is a sad imitation from the real one, not because she somehow had a “connection” with the goods factory manager/supervisor/owner. I always like … Why? Why that lie?
  2. Athletes who earn medallions from world championship are working out unlike us, the 98% of earth population. They have different bodies that already adapt with their rigorous routine. If we, the commoners, try their routine for even just one day, we will weep, the whole body will feel sore and painful and we can’t reach the end of the day with a calm state of mind and body. No. So, how could some commoners are able to make nasty comments on these magnificent human being? I heard that a middle age man is roasting Simone Biles because she wants to take a rest. Why? I mean…. Why?
  3. In most cheesy teens movies, the leading role description for the girl is always similar: a straight A student with un-interesting appearance, while for the boy, it would get a 100+ point for handsomeness but could not get a pity C grade in school. The boy is very popular despite he is not “sharp”, while the smart girl is “unheard”. I was like… Why? Stupidity is not ok. Take a look at the flat-earther. You got me right?
  4. How could some most incapable person at the office has a prominent position? How?
  5. Conspiracy theory… Geesz…. Really? Please…. Why?
  6. A price tag that said huge discount while it’s not, they doubled the prices and then put 50% off tag. Again…. Why?
  7. More questions coming up … Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or after that as well πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Cheers, question is good. 
Karin Sabrina

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