Love your self first, they said, then… And only then you could love others.

In my case, the man that I luckily called husband now, love me first, he show me that I to him, is so important. At that time I didn’t love my self, I am so full of rage and disappointment toward my self, I was considering my self: less than enough, not really attractive in any way.

Up to this day I am amazed with this man. How could he loves me, accept me and even adores me, while I didn’t even like my self. I don’t think it’s easy to love someone who doesn’t like oneself, right?

I like my self now, quoting Jessie J: I am masterpiece in the making 🥰. And I will forever grateful for this man that love me first, 15 years ago, and still show me his love up to this day. Thankyou.

Karin Sabrina

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