I saw a clip of Pink documentary video about how she becomes full of worries regarding raising her children in this weird times. I adore Pink anyway. See my hair? I used to cut it short 😉 partly because I like Pink. Another reason may have tied with a mild depression that I’ve had through in my first marriage… I was .. emm.. no.. that was a story for another day. Today I want to write about worries in raising my children.

I agree with Pink. This is a weird time, and when we have children to be raised, all the worries just chip in every single day. The social media is scientifically proven to be linked with depression but everywhere I look there’s children with an active social media account, and the other parents? Well.. let’s just say .. supportive and kind are such a rare commodities at the current moment, the world seems harsher, the ignorant is everywhere. I am questioning my self so often; Am I raising my children to be kind? Am I set a good example to them? Are they going to be resilient? Are they going to brave? Do I educate him well? And a bunch of other questions that pop up in my head every now and then.

I am a mother who wish my boy will maintain his innocence and curiosity but I also wish the that he has the courage and the strength to face the bitter realities of this world and I hope he could always grow from any disappointments that cross his life path. I know it’s sounds like I want him to be a perfect man, but hey that’s what parents are doing in this era; doing the impossible.


Karin Sabrina

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