This morning, my husband and I play a psychological fun quiz. The quiz is simple, there are 5 questions, and we have to answer each question by choosing one of the multiple provided answers. Each answer is supposedly open up a thing or two of yourself. Our answers are different toward the 4 questions, so yes we both have a very different personality but I guess that’s what makes us really good together.

There was a question about a house door that is half-open, and as you walk by, you notice that door. What do you think is happening? a. There are thieves in the house b. The owner forgot to lock the door and c. The owner is inside the house. My husband picked B and I chose C; it explained that the door represents the chance in our life. Option B means that my husband is not using his potential to the max, he often ignores many good chances that meet him on this life path. Option C means I am mature enough to deal with the chance I have in life. Interesting.

There was also a question about color-changing birds that fly into your bedroom. At first, the bird is blue, then it turns yellow the next day, and the day after became red, and then it turns black. So what color do you think the bird is going to have the next day? I answer it remained black. My husband said it will turn white. The bluebird represents good news or a good event, and the changing color represents changing situation. When I said it will remain black, it shows that I am a pessimistic person, I don’t really believe that situation can get better or worsen, I accept the color black as the final alteration. My husband’s answer means that he will keep looking for a solution to make the situation better. This is the most interesting question for me. I think I have a different framing from the person who made the quiz. For me, changing is inevitable, and so does an unchanging situation. I was quite surprised that accepting a particular situation (the bird will remain black) is considered a pessimist.

I don’t believe in ceaseless effort to turn something or someone into a different color. If the color (person/ situation) does not suit me why bother? I rather walk away and hopefully meet a more suitable shade of color. Such a pessimist or a quitter! some may have such opinion, but I think it’s my way to accept thing/person as they are.

Know Thyself


Anyway, it’s a great morning time. I suggest you to do a similar thing with your partner too. Stay safe and healthy.


Karin Sabrina

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