I will read these darlings at least twice in my life

Start as many books as you wish, give them 15 to 30 minutes to prove themselves, if they failed, leave it, just quit. As for great books, read them at least twice in your life, it will enrich your soul and your world


The suggestion above is a very novel way for me in regard to book reading. I used to read every book that I got, from cover to cover even if I really don’t like the book, even if the reading experience would not be described as enchanting or pleasant. I reasoned that if I want to prove that this book is “not good” then I must read it all, and only after that, I could say I don’t like this book because of such and such.. in whatever manner and to whoever that would listen; It is weird reasoning, but hey… I grow from that point… 😀

Now I still read all books that I got, I usually give them my time for 5 to 30 minutes. If within that time window, I and the book somehow fail to establish a secure connection, then I closed the book. No need to force anything within this already cramped and colorful life. I think this is a very mature way to read a book. If it fails me or the other way around, just stop and move on to find another possibly great and enchanting books.

I see now very little importance to prove that such and such books are good or bad. We enjoy books in a very wide and different way. Some books that I read dearly might be despised by some, rather than spending time and energy to prove and defend those books, I will just happily keep on reading and grow.

May you too find happiness in reading. .

Cheers, Karin Sabrina

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