I will hit the fabulous forty this year… I am so grateful in every way. This body has been carrying my soul for almost 40 years .. and I must admit that more than half of that time I feel “less”. Oftentimes I said to myself -unconsciously or consciously or in between- that this only body of mine is less beautiful than those models in the magazine cover. And currently, I just started the journey to love myself.. and I think I want to simplify this journey into three verbs: read, write, love. These three will be my daily to-do list. I will carve for them sufficient time into my day-to-day activities.

Why are you not starting to do a regular workout? since it’s obvious that you’re not that young anymore. Well sure… I said I am going to love on daily basis right? I am going to love my body by doing regular jogging. And this time, I am going to do this body exercise differently, no… I am not talking about the time or the workout course or even the diet… when I said different, I mean… I will avoid saying, Let’s do this.. so I can lose some weight, or so I can wear such and such clothes. No… what I am going to say myself is this instead: Let’s do this. I have promised to love myself, I should keep that promise every day.

This year I actually start to admire my own body … my graying hair, my bushy eyebrow ( which was considered “untidy” for more than a decade but now this bushy eyebrow is actually “the look”, thanks to emm… the Kardashians?), and I started to appreciate my overall appearance. I’ve read some time ago, in your forties, you start not to care what others think about you, but in your sixties, you’ll find soothing freedom, and if you are lucky, to get into the seventies and beyond… You’ll come to that realization point that no one is thinking about you in the first place. But this timeline is not going to happen equally to every single human being. I know some people in their seventies who are still a captive of their unstable-twenty-somewhat-self.

May you too aging gracefully my dearest readers, stay safe and healthy.


Karin Sabrina

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