Do what is right for you. do it over and over again. Lean into the light. keep going even when it is hard, especially when it is hard. Do not let doubt stop you. Trust the process even when your mood is low. Let growth be your mission. Let healing be your reward. Let freedom be your goal.

Yung Pueblo

I am growing to be the better version of myself every single day. It may not seems significant day by day but I can feel it after a long stretch of time.

5 years ago, when a person does me wrong, I will immediately be Offended and turn on my defensive and passive-aggressive mode. All I can do is thinking how bad that person really is. I can’t see beyond his/her poor attitude. “He/she was wrong, and I will never talk to him/her for the rest of my life”!

Lately, I feel the growth. When a person does me wrong, I am not giving so much time and energy to that person. I don’t really bother about it and in a rare instance, I even manage to look beyond the mistake and try to see the person instead. I started to see that every single living human being is struggling with I don’t know what. And if that person wears a very difficult persona… It probably an honest glimpse of an actual situation in his/her life.


Karin Sabrina

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