I like me. I like the way I always put attention to details, I like that I can be an attentive listener, I like it when I could explain to my husband about Interesting content of a book. I like the way I prepare before a family trip ( okey.. admittedly, I do over-prepare oftentimes), and I like myself because I could see an event or things quite differently from others, my minds seems have different way to categorize everything surround me. I even able to see something compelling or fascinating from a mundane.

And if there is a person who decidedly not like me, that’s common. There will always be people who don’t like me, the way I talk, or the way I dress. Some people don’t like me for the things I believe in, other may dislike my past, some may even find my existence is not likeable.

But it’s really up to me whether I let them ruin my day or I will stand up for myself and love myself just the way I am. I am not here to please everyone, I am not waking up every morning to impress everyone and most importantly, I need to remind my self to stay true to myself and just be happy with the way I am.


Karin Sabrina

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