30 days!

I’ve posted daily for 30 days! I feel festive!! As for my self-love experiment, today is the 10th day. I have no idea I could actually do this. To even think that I would carved 15-20 minutes a day to write or post something on this blog seems a very unachievable idea. So it’s quite a big day for me.

Up to yesterday, I am a hardcore believer that I am a total failure at any field that requires “consistency”. I can’t keep up with my 25 minutes work out routine more than 2 weeks, I rarely able to complete an on-line course even though the lesson and the lecturers are really engaging and enjoyable to follow.

But today is different! Today I am officially a different person. I am become the person who is able to write consistently for 30 days! I am curious to what will follow if I keep doing this. Let’s see… And I hope a very interesting persona will unfold. Amen.


Karin Sabrina.

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