It really irks me when you get quiet all of sudden. If there’s something in my words that offends you, tell me. I can’t read your mind. It also irks me that You are avoiding any types of conflict, can’t you see that conflict too can make both of us grow? Yes, to have this growth from conflict it is crucial that both of us want the best for each of us. And I strongly believe that each of us wants to be the best version of ourselves.

To think that our relationship will be just fine just because you tried so hard not to have a dispute with me, well darling I have news for you, that’s not how our or any relationship works. I don’t want to constantly guess what’s on your mind, I don’t think you will ever try to speak about your feelings to me.

But hey, I too can be quiet, or distance myself, I am good at both.

Anger is a strong emotion  that needs proper care and wisdom, 

Karin Sabrina

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