Rich kids being able to do art for a living may be a reflection of their privilege, but it seems to me like a reflection of the fact that a human that doesn’t have to worry about money will often choose art. Everyone is an Artist until the rent is due. I wish we all had that right

A quote I saw on twitter

When I was around 15 y.o, an older brother said to me, how lucky you are, you have plenty of time to read, has it ever crossed your mind that a lot of kids of your age will never have that chance?

I was a bit defensive at that time…. I said, me lucky? Everyone is lucky in their own way, those kids obviously can go to the library to read. This older brother said, see you can’t even understand my words.

But now I get what he said to me decades ago…. It is truly a privilege to be able to read, to practice this beautiful art of reading on a daily basis.

Cheers, keep on reading,

Karin Sabrina

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