I’ve read somewhere that it takes seven years to clean our body and soul from a previous relationship; seven years to refresh ourselves, so we have to wait 7 years to have a new super re-start button.

Perhaps the point is not that we have to wait 7 years before we can properly heal from a previous relationship, particularly if it was a toxic relationship; the point is we need to be careful to share our dream and life with another person because each person that is deeply related to us, he/she will impact us in a very deep level, deeper than we would ever know. The impact will be so huge and we don’t even realize that we are already become more and more like our toxic spouse.

There are two reasons why there’s a bad relationship: one, we make bad vibrates that attract a person that is just like us. Two, so we can get an important lesson, we need to learn to deal with our demon, do not avoid it, do not pretend that it’s nothing, and oftentimes that toxic spouse is the person who could make us willing to face our own demon.

It’s important to acknowledge our past traumas, to honor the pain and hopefully to heal from toxic relationships and let the lessons be our guidance. The healing stages are certainly wildly different for each of us, but I strongly believe that every one of us will reach that light, the relief point, the wisdom and finally could say I think I am clean now.

May you be healed, 

Karin Sabrina

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