I still remember a story that in essence is saying that every human is spending his lifetime looking for his/her best half. The human was built as a couple, man and woman, so they go everywhere and do everything together. But then the gods were jealous and became short -tempered. They were angry and separated each human, and ever since we feel incomplete and longing to be close with our soulmate again.

There are so many flaws in that story, humans are some weird creatures where two people stick together and do everything together? Meh…I can’t think of what kind of person who would be able to stick with my ex (as an example) without losing her sanity… *Shudder…and Jealous gods? Please… Like we humans still lack jealousy amongst ourselves.

To find out our best half is …I believe… A gift by the universe. A gift … By its nature.. is really not the same thing for everyone.. as it is with marriage and having children, it’s not for everyone. There are some people who are better off without marriage, there are some people who will only transfer their traumas to his/her spouse, and marriage will only upped the complexity of the problem.


May you be blessed with abundance of love from favorite humans around you.

Karin Sabrina

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