A teacher of mine once  said this, the most important goal of education is to be a good person. And I always smile when I remember that, a good person; sounds so "not-elon-musk-outer-space-success, a good person; sounds so abstract, a good person; sounds so ancient. 

But I do agree, wholeheartedly, becoming a good person should be the most sought after trait when we finished our schooling year.

If, you are like me, far after the completion of my schooling year, I still can't proudly say I'm a good person. Well, that's great too! I cheer for you, it's great to acknowledge our flaws.

I'm trying to be a good person..and with so many things happening in life, plus those bastards at the office, and those idiot ex-s (yes plural), I promise myself, I will always sincerely try to be a good person everyday.

Cheers, may the force be with you, stay kind to yourself,

Karin Sabrina

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