The lake

A man come to a sage, then ask her: there's so much pain in my life, what should I do? The sage said: please take a glass of water, then pour this cup of salt on to the glass, the man dutifully did everything she said. 

Please have a drink, said the sage. The man drinks, but then spit it out immediately, thanks but no thanks, he said.

The sage smiled, then she walked to a big lake with sparkling water, the man is following her. The sage asked the man to pour another cup of salt to the lake, and so the man did.

Please have a drink, said the sage. The man drinks, and the sage asked, how does it taste? It is refreshing, and good, replied the man.

The salt is your pain, if you are a glass of water then the salt will taste salty and bitter, but when you are becoming a lake, the salt will not make any difference whatsoever to the taste of the lake water , be like this lake, said the sage to the man.

Cheers,  may we can learn to expand ourselves, so we can contain anything that life throw at us.

Karin Sabrina

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